Leah and Ryan

Our Story

Ryan and Leah met on New Year's Eve in 2012 at Knoxville's bar in Edmonton. Leah gained courage from all the water she had been drinking that night to go and introduce herself to Ryan, and they spent the rest of the night dancing together.

Since then, Leah and Ryan have both finished their degrees at the University of Alberta, began their careers, built their dream home and gone on many vacations together. On their recent trip to Disneyland in November 2018, Ryan told Leah they were going off the resort for the night to a romantic dinner on the beach. "They might take a picture of us, look nice!" Ryan told Leah. She tried her best, but still wasn't expecting what was waiting for her on the beach. Ryan proposed on Newport Beach, to which Leah replied "Can I kiss you?!" and of course, yes.

Ryan and Leah are both so excited for the next chapter in their life together, and to be sharing this day with you. We will see everyone in February 2020!
Kristie Kern