Wedding Party

Lonneke de Groot

Maid of Honor

Lonneke and Leah met in 2009 in grade 10 through mutual friends while going to see the movie, Twilight. Since then, they have become best friends and share a mutual love of cheese, wine and snuggling. At the wedding, Lonneke will be happy to do a shot with whoever asks. Her shot of choice is fireball.

Rachel Monchka


Rachel and Leah go waaaay back. Rachel and Leah love to watch Grey's Anatomy and fear we have every disease the patients do. At the wedding, Rachel will not be happy to do a shot with you. Her shot of choice is water (not sparkling).

Lindsay Piper


Leah met Lindsay when they were only 3 years old, terrorizing Coachman Court in questionable outfits. Their taste in clothes has matured a lot over the last 21 years, but they always managed to remain close. At the wedding, Lindsay can be found on the dance floor. Her shot of choice is tequlia.

Sarah Smith


Sarah and Leah met 6 years ago when Ryan introduced them. They are the best at Snapchat streaks, except when Sarah is camping. At the wedding, Sarah will be requesting Blink-182 at the DJ booth. Her shot of choice is whiskey.

Karen Heesing


Karen and Leah met through their spouses 6 years ago. They have bonded over many road pops on the golf course, and learning how to drive a golf cart together. At the wedding, Karen can be found double fisting drinks. Her shot of choice is Burt Reynolds.
Kristie Kern